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Personal Safety Alarm Keychain

Personal Safety Alarm Keychain

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The Personal Safety Alarm Keychain will be your trusty sidekick on late-night strolls or solo adventures. Say goodbye to feeling vulnerable when walking alone at night because, with this little gem in your pocket, you've got an instant bodyguard at your fingertips.

With a whopping 120 decibels of ear-piercing sound, this alarm isn't just for show – it's your ticket to grabbing attention and scaring off any would-be troublemakers. Consider it your personal superhero cape, ready to swoop in and protect you from harm at a moment's notice.

And here's the best part – activating it is as easy as pie. No fumbling around in the dark or struggling with complicated buttons. Just a quick press and you're armed and ready to take on the night.

Compact, lightweight, and portable, this keychain alarm is your constant companion wherever you go. Whether you're a student, an elderly individual, a night owl, or just someone who values their safety, this little lifesaver is a must-have for everyone. 

Take back the night – with our Personal Safety Alarm Keychain by your side.



Material: A-BS

Size: approx 107x30mm/4.21x1.18 inches 

Color: Black/White/Blue/Pink

Package Includes:1x Personal Alarm

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